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A Cyber Celebrity War on Social Media

Top 5 Celebrity On Social Media


The power of social media combined with celebrity tends to go hand in hand these days. With virtually every celebrity from sport starts, comedians, musicians and movie and television stars taking to the ‘Twitter-verse’ to connect with their fans. And any celebrity would be wise to engage a social media campaign quickly and perhaps follow the lead of these top 5 celebrity on social media.


#5 – Shaq; Shaquille O’Neal




Over the years, NBA mega-star Shaquille O’Neil has made quite a name for himself. Not only is he one of the most powerful stars on the basketball court, this 7’foot plus star is also one of the most outspoken yet lovable athletes in the modern era. How many people like the NBA All-Star Center? Over 6.5 million passionate fans follow him on Twitter alone. But, the key to his success on social media is not the fact he has a huge following; it’s how he uses this to increase his brand awareness.

Shaq’s brand is all about being confident; yet lovable. He is regarded much like the departed Michael Clark Duncan’s character in the Green Mile – just somebody you’d call Uncle Shaq. He is also highly active on Facebook as well; with over 3.5 million ‘likes’.


#4 – Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon

There was a day when people only knew Jimmy Fallon for his time on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. However, his growth on SNL spun into a highly successful late night talk show career. From there, Jimmy used the power of social media to vault his career to now being one of the highest paid celebrity endorsers.

Jimmy Fallon currently has 7.8 Million followers on Twitter; a huge amount for a ‘stand-up comedian’. He uses his witty charm and quick thinking to compose fan-connecting tweets that increase his fan base, spark discussion and increase his brand appeal.


#3 – President Barack Obama


barack obama

barack obama

The sitting President of the United States, Barack Obama can honestly state that social media is one major reason he is currently the American president. According to research conducted by Harvard College, when Barack Obama engaged his social media awareness campaign in 2008, this increased his connection to several ethic based groups and over 17 million American voters. Ironically, he won the election over John McCain by virtually that same amount.

Currently, the US President has 27 million followers on Twitter; and actually composes personal tweets highlighted by his signature signoff ‘B.O.’.


#2 – Lady Gaga


lady gaga social media

lady gaga

No musician EVER has had the impact on social media that Lady Gaga has. With an excess of 34 million passionate ‘monsters’ who follow her daily on Twitter, the New York born musician has set the standard on connecting with a passionate fan base with controversial, inspiring and quite often stimulating


#1 – Justin Bieber


justin bieber

justin bieber

Next to Gaga; the ‘Biebs’ is the most powerful icon in social media today. The youngster from Canada has made a name for himself virtually entirely online. He was discovered through videos, used Facebook and Twitter to sell himself to an extremely passionate younger (and primarily female) demographic; and connects with his fans better than virtually any other celebrity. With 34 Million fans (roughly the same as Lady Gaga) JustinBieber is on top of the Top 5 Celebrity on Social Media these days.

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