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Small Business Web Design

What do you expect from a website?

Today, owning a website is not a luxury anymore. It’s imperative that you have your own unique website especially if you are running a small business. People are no more walking around and ask each other stores, restaurants. They Google it! Are you there?

Why small business website design is crucial?

It’s the one way to make your business noticeable. Whatever you do, if you have a store anywhere in the world, you have to let people reach out to you.


Five Buttons’ small business web design approach in 4 steps.


First impression: Creating a clear, classy and functional website for your small business.

Local Search: Optimizing it for better local search and global search visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Remember, the closer people live to your business the better customers they become. You need your local potentials’ positive attention.

Reporting: Recording your website visitor’s behaviors after visiting your website and reporting them you. By providing this report, we ensure that you can also improve and customize your services for your client needs.

Online Reputation Management: Monitoring reviews online about your website and making sure the positive feedbacks increase your small business creditability.


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