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The Importance of Online Presence for Celebrities


Being a celebrity is more than simply shining on the silver screen these days. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, of the top 100 rated celebs, over 85% of them have a powerful online presence. From personalized and custom built websites to active social media platforms, online e commerce merchandising opportunities and more; it has become rampantly apparent that the importance of online presence for celebrities is growing as opposed to being just a fad.


The question that often comes up with this topic is how exactly does a powerful online presence translate into financial success for those who make their living on celebrity? Well, there are virtually hundreds of benefits of having a powerful online presence for celebrities. And most of these reasons are directly related to why any successful business must be powerful online in order to grow in today’s digital era.


Celebrities Online Presence Creates Brand Affection

The first truth that needs to be realized is that being a celebrity is a business. Whether you are a musician, actor, personality or sports athlete, you have a brand which gravitates to a consumer base – just like any successful business. And like any business that experiences growth in the digital age we live today, this begins with having a powerful online presence.
The purpose of any online platform in business is to educate, enlighten, connect and communicate with potential and existing consumers of the business and their brand. This is also true as a celebrity. Having the ability to create ‘brand affection’ with fans makes any celebrity a powerful marketing asset. And like any successful brand, like Nike, McDonalds, Starbuck’s, Go Pro; most of this brand affection is derived by online activity.


Celebrity Online Presence Separates Them from Other Competitors

Let’s not kid ourselves – whether you’re an actor, musician, athlete or any other celebrity, the battle to gain a positive fan following is a highly competitive arena. The more fans you have; the more revenue you tend to generate under multiple financial opportunities including:

Brand Ambassadors;

Successful Athletes such as Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant earned more money in endorsements in the past based on their talents on the field or court. However, athletes such as Tim Tebow, Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong (pre-recent scandal) used their online presence and ability to connect with fans to increase endorsement opportunities for successful brands.


Merchandising Sales;

Connecting with the online fan also increases direct merchandising sales – especially for musicians. In a day where people can download music for free illegally, it is the musician who connects with fans who tends to profit from legal downloads on i-Tunes and even their own websites. Ancillary merchandising sales such as t-shirts, hats, and other apparel are also increased when the celebrity connects with their fans online.

As you can see, there are many ways to generate positive revenue based on having a powerful online presence. And whether you build a personal website, host a blog, are active on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.com, the bottom line in today’s digital age is without a powerful online presence; you are losing out on tremendous opportunities to grow your brand, connect with your fans, and generate more revenue. This is why the importance of having an online presence for celebrities is so vital to their image, success and future.