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Keep Your Business “Animated”

Video Production: The Smart Way to Keep Your Business “Animated”

Technology is at the forefront of business innovation: everything is moving to the cloud, webinars, and even staff meeting being held on a virtual interface. But with everything moving at such a fast pace, how can you stay ahead of the curve? One of the greatest advancements in business and marketing has been the introduction of video animation into marketing pitches and online content.

Videos are short, creative, and show ingenuity. Instead of providing your future client with charts and a long winded speech, introduce your pitch using a witty video. One of the most creative ways of doing so, bar none, has been the use of animated shorts. By using a cartoon, the client is able to envision the rest of the project in its completion. The animation shows that you are clever and creative while simultaneously proving to the client that you are thinking outside the box and opening the market to a new array of clients.

While the animation entertains and wows your client, it will prove its own worth through cost efficiency. Traditionally, business pitches are drawn out and wordy. And if a video is used, it has been with live actors. The cost of the entire production (director, writer, editor, actors, make-up artists, space rental, etc.) is money that could be better spent elsewhere. Animated shorts usually have a director, writer, editor, artist/cartoonist and voice actor. Furthermore, while film shorts have to have shot after shot of retakes if something goes wrong, the animated short is only the voice actor; the artist/cartoonist draws the sketch for the voice over, so there’s minimal retakes (if any!) The client may even opt to go this route for their final product, which will again make you look good as you are providing your client with a cost effective service.

If you’re looking for a more permanent fixture, beyond a single pitch, the animated short has endless possibilities. Once it’s viral, your message can be seen all over the world at the click of a button. It’s quick and easy. You can inform the client about the product, engage them through witty dialogue and creative artwork, and overall create a lasting impression subconsciously making them remember you and your product.

In these fast paced technologically driven industries, you have to do everything you can to make your company and product stand out. In the end, it’s the connection you make with the client that is the greatest deciding factor in business relationships. Clients want someone who understand them, can take their business further, and shows complete dedication to the product and beliefs of the company. Using animated video will help make that lasting impression and create an enjoyable experience for all.

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