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How to increase your company’s profit in 5 steps with a mobile application?


1- Consider your website’s current design as your app’s design must match with it. You might want to start redesigning your website if you think it doesn’t look as good as it should be.

2- Measure the current demand; will a mobile app make your customers’ life easier?

3- Evaluate your services to determine the top profiting fields. Simplification is the entire purpose of mobile app concept. Remember, people use mobile apps on the go and usually with one hand only.

4- Take action. If you are tech savvy and have enough time/skills to operate your mobile app development, design and marketing process, go for it. Remember, you will need to find and operate 3 different teams to work on this process. Designing, developing and marketing mobile apps are a totally different ball games.

5- Reviews, reviews, reviews.. Your mobile application must have a good amount of positive reviews. No matter how much it is, people don’t pay for something without being convinced that it worked well for others. Mobile app marketing is also a totally different ball game than conventional online marketing.

Contact Five Buttons to find out how your mobile application can be perfectly designed with unlimited revision, developed with triple quality assurance and marketed with solid track record and corporate experience. Five Buttons operates web application design, development and marketing stages with 3 different teams and incorporate the outcomes under the CEO’s supervision.