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Top 3 Website Design Trends Growing for Business

The purpose of a business website is three fold:

First – You’ve got to capture the potential customer through effective website marketing.

Second – Once they land on your site, the page needs to be clean, articulate and easy to navigate.

Third – The content on the website needs to convert a casual website visitor to a qualified lead.

Now, if crafting a business website using these three simple concepts was easy, everybody would have success building them – right? Well, in actuality, there are several website design companies that go above and beyond to complicate the development process. And as such, the end result is that their clients have a really nice website that doesn’t produce results. At the end of the day, the only person who’s benefited from this is the website design company revenue stream.

In order to simplify the process, it’s our belief that website development should produce results targeted to your specific demographic. And this can be easily accomplished by staying true to these five growing website development trends that have been proven to stay true to the three key elements we spoke of above.

1 – Make the Home Page Simple

Many website design company leaders tend to tell their clients that the home page needs to dazzle, with several flashy bells and whistles that will “look cool”. However, cool doesn’t always lead to profits. In fact, quite often, people who are using the internet as a tool to find a product, good or service are often very busy people who need to have all the information they need quickly accessible. And in site development, this means making the home page or landing page very simple – yet elegant.

2 – Use Creative; yet Simple Navigation

While making sure that website development starts with a simple home page, ensuring your target audience can navigate to critical sections is just as important. In fact, it is suggested that in order to convert a customer from inquiry to lead, they should spend no less than 5 minutes on your website. And if this important data is easy for them to navigate, it will be much easier to convert your leads thanks in part to a website design that uses simple navigation tools.

3 – Don’t use Flash Elements

Website development firms across the world have been stuck on flash animation as a lazy way to engage online followers. However, studies have been shown that flash might engage a person’s mind, but it is highly ineffective in converting them into sales. This is why we’d suggest not integrating flash elements into your business website. You can use CSS3 or other animated tools, but keep it simple across the board.

When you hire any website design company, make sure they stay true to these simple elements – all designed to attract business, convert these website visitors to qualified leads which eventually turns into profitable sales.

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