Lead Generation Services
Drive More Potential Leads Through Us

At Demand Monster, we offer compelling lead generation services.

Our B2B lead generation services focus to build our clients’ ROI to effectively fuel up sales. We deliver qualified and targeted leads to gain the best conversion rates. Our cost-effective lead generation services assure enterprises achieve their sales and marketing objectives successfully.

“Lead Generation is fairly a core activity to marketing.”
– Chris Brogan, Human Business Work

Lead Generation Process

Step 1: Lead Qualification –
We analyze and determine whether a given prospect fits the enterprise’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We also examine their behaviour to deterimine whether the leads have potential to become long-term customers.

Step 2: Lead Prospecting –
We identify and review B2B leads to check whether they fit the target Buyer Persona to become prospects – while they convert to actual customers when they make a purchase.

At Demand Monster, we are provisioned to offer businesses with leads who already know about your products and services (Marketing Qualified Leads – MQL) and are therefore more likely to become a customer. We identify MQLs by examining past behaviour, collecting customer feedback, checking for factors that work well to produce sales and identify the level of business in the competitive landscape.

Step 3: Scoring Leads –
Our experts score the leads so you can understand which leads have the most potential of conversion. We profile business-specific leads over-time to get visibility on the levels of qualification they pose to make a purchase.

Step 4: Pass Along the leads to Sales Funnel –
This step involves our sales team to move the MQLs, originally acquired by the marketing team into the sales funnel. Our sales experts are accountable to augment the experience with current customers and retain them as long-term customers.

Step 5: Evaluation of Lead Generation Process –
This step provides a constant analysis of leads to keep track of the leads and understand where bounce-back or drop-off occurs. This step is critical as the experts attempt to resolve the issue and learn how to recapture the lost leads.

At Demand Monster, we offer a well-defined lead generation process flow to ensure permanent customer retention and increased rates of profitability for businesses. Our team of experts is equipped to take care of the complete rigmarole of the lead generation process, while the organization concentrates on the management and other aspects of the business, stress free.

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