A targeted SEO strategy helps promote lead generation for your advertising agency. Search engine optimization can help you improve your relationship with your audience while giving your customers a better experience. You can even leverage SEO to boost your authority and attract more people to your advertisement agency website.

If you run an advertising agency, it is crucial to understand that advertisement is a wide industry. Your clientele will not only come from within your region, but they will be spread across the globe. As a result, you will need to understand your target audience and what they search for.


Doing so will help you to identify the proper keywords that will not only attract the right clientele but those that will drive more leads and calls in your advertising agency. Here are some basic SEO tips for your site you can bank on when starting.

1. Have Reference Point

While you should know your prevailing page rank, you should monitor it continuously with various tools like Google Toolbar and Alexa. Like many other thins in business “what gets measured gets accomplished”. Five Buttons makes sure to document a detailed report of your business online standing before boosting it.

2. Understand the Theme of Your Blog

The blog theme or template you choose can make or break your SEO. In this case, your theme and template should complement your advertising needs. What are you planning to achieve? What does your target audience want?

Review your needs and understand the problem you are trying to solve. Doing so will guide you to choose a suitable template and theme. At Five Buttons, we focus on both SEO and design of your blog. We also focus on the navigation design of your template.

Further, we study how your blog is crawled and indexed by search engines. We also recommend the best navigation structure that ensures that potential clients can reach each page within three clicks.

3. Determine Your Niche Keyword

Many entrepreneurs may want to select the most popular keywords. Is this an effective strategy? The answer would be no because it limits your chances of landing the top place in search. The best thing you should do for your advertising agency is to use niche keywords. These are keywords that are specific to your target audience.

Distribute your niche keywords throughout your website. Ensure they appear in your image names, blog content, titles, and URLs. Remember, your page header and title tag are the most critical areas to insert keywords. You can leverage a Google keyword tool to determine keywords that are suitable for your blog.

Five Buttons will also help you determine the right tool for your agency. One thing we discourage you from doing is stuffing keywords. Search engines may penalize you for keyword stuffing.

What Keywords should you use to Generate more Leads and Calls for Your Advertising Agency?


Keyword Search Volume  
History of advertising 880 Bad Idea
Advertisement 90,500 Bad Idea
Advertising Agency 12,100 Bad Idea
Social media advertising agency 1,000 Good Idea

As we have seen above, do not be tempted to choose the most popular keyword which in this case is an advertisement. Broad keywords such as “advertising agency” are highly competitive, time consuming and lack strong relevancy. Identify the advertising method and industries you want to focus and create a specific keyword list for each of the advertising category.

4. Build Internal Links

Always remember to create internal links back to your content every time you develop new content. Doing so allows you to invite readers to sample other articles they may be interested in. Providing links to sources you mention in your articles is a good practice.

Developing link-worthy content is crucial when it comes to creating high-quality backlinks. Link building is a critical phase of a business that many entrepreneurs struggle with. Share your struggles with us and we will identify key areas within your website and create suitable links accordingly.

5. Choose the Right Domain Name

Your domain name should be relevant to your content. Our experts will study your business and help you come up with a suitable SEO-based domain name.

6. Create High-quality Content Consistently

Creating search engine optimized content can be a difficult task. However, our team will work closely with you and study your business accordingly. They will then give you ideas to help you generate high-quality content that not only attracts but also converts your visitors. Creating high quality and useful content not only will help to get natural backlinks but it will also improve user experience of your website. Remember bad user experience means less time spent on your website. When a visitor finds your website and immediately exits without reading and clicking through your pages, your bounce rate increases. High bounce rates tell search engines; “Hey this page is not relevant to keyword its targeting because visitors do not benefit from it”.

Optimizing Your Search Presence to Attract Relevant Searches to Your Website

There are various methods you can use not only to optimize your search presence but also to drive relevant searches to your site. Let us discuss some of them below.


Positioning defines the area that a brand occupies in the minds of clients and how it is distinguished from competitors. Positioning allows an entrepreneur to develop unique offers, enabling them to become the first choice. What makes you different from your competitors? Do you have a strong advertising message? Remember, you are competing with other advertising agencies. What is your advertising agency’s secret weapon? Five Buttons will collaborate with your team to identify the right SEO weapon for your business.

Engage with Experts in on Social Media Platforms

Join expert groups both on LinkedIn and Facebook. Doing so helps you develop your influence. You will even gain more leads from posting information and advice. We shall help you identify the right social media groups for your business. Our inbuilt SEO strategy will help you choose the right content for your site. It also ranks your articles on the go.


7. International targeting

As an advertising agency, especially if you in the digital advertising field, your SEO should be location agnostic. Targeting multiple locations across to globe requires some advanced SEO implementations such as;


The location your website is hosted

Canonical Tags

Hreflang Tags (language)

Top level location folders  (i.e. /en/, /es/)

Client-side vs server-side rendering

Choosing the right CDN provider