Of late, many have recognized the importance of trade show lead follow up. According to the latest findings, around 70% of the collected leads from the trade shows remain unutilized, ignored or not contacted at a reasonable point in time. As a result, the potential to grow revenue remains untapped.

Besides, not all companies are equipped with the right tools and resources to tap the waiting opportunity, and the percentage of companies that miss the opportunity is 45. Within a few days of the show, all prospects must be touch-based to continue further rounds of discussions.

Our role here is to talk to them over the phone, identify areas of interest and keep them ready for your sales agents to freeze the deals. If you are looking at filling up your sales pipeline, then we will present it the way as you wish. We focus on increasing the quality of your leads, converting them to prospects and consequently, closing more sales.

During our discussions with your prospects, we learn the relevant information and perceptions on your products and services presented at the trade show. All the findings are shared with you to gauge customer expectations.

Benefits of Trade Show Lead Follow Up:

  • Reach out to the potential leads
  • Sales team gets qualified prospects
  • Double the amount of qualified candidates
  • Boost up the sales, and profits
  • Guaranteed trade show ROI

Trade shows are a great way to bring in more prospects. To benefit from trade shows, invest correctly and never miss a chance to convert the lead into a sale. Our telemarketers we will call those leads, pre-qualify them, and set up the appointment. For more details, feel free to contact us. We will explain how it will be carried out to benefit your business.

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