SEO is an effective online marketing strategy for generating traffic to your consulting business platform. After developing a lead generating site for your consulting institution, you need the traffic to get potential clients.

Independent Consultants

If you are an independent consultant, creating content consistently and sharing it on social network platforms is a great way of attracting enough traffic. You can leverage this traffic to convert your website into an excellent marketing resource.


Remember, while plenty of traffic can be ideal for your site, you need suitable people to get value from your site. If you are operating a consulting institution on a budget, then content marketing and SEO can be an excellent investment.

A Robust SEO Strategy makes you an Opinion Leader

An effective SEO strategy ranks you as an opinion leader and drives potential customers interested in understanding opinion-leadership to your site. Here is an example of how an effective SEO strategy can impact your consulting website.


Assuming your consulting site can initiate up to 1,000 sessions every month, out of which you manage to convert nearly 50 attendants into leads. In this case, that would be a 5% opt-in ratio. If you manage to get one client from your leads with a standard project of up to $25,000, you can gauge how valuable SEO would be to your consulting business.

Lead-generating is a Critical Factor

Remember, without a well-outlined sales channel and a lead-generating site, all your traffic would have nowhere to go. You need a consulting website to convert your traffic to leads while a sales channel is crucial for turning your leads into paying customers.


Once you have a robust sales strategy and a reliable lead generating website, adopting SEO can be all you need to attract potential customers. Many businesses struggle with identifying the ideal SEO strategy for their operations.


At Five Buttons, we believe that an effective SEO can transform the way your consulting firm operates. Read on to understand some robust SEO tips for your consulting institution.

Develop a Keyword Plan

A keyword plan is a framework that matches appropriate keywords to your business with pages that you wish to optimize. A keyword plan helps you:


  • Ensure that users seeking a specific term get the page from your consulting website complete with applicable information to the phrase.
  • Cut down competition for the specific phrase in your pages and improves the ability of your website to target various long-tail search keywords.
  • Develop a plan for your SEO strategy while optimizing your consulting content

What Keywords can be Relevant for Your Consulting Firm


Keyword Search Volume
Management consultancy 14,800
Consulting firms 9,900
How to become a management consultant 390
Management consulting services 390


Remember, less popular keywords can have a tremendous impact on your consulting website. You should research thoroughly to establish ideal keywords for your services. Still, you can trust Five Buttons to recommend the best phrases that meet our business needs.


We work closely with your team to understand your business and needs. Our experts then recommend the best keywords to boost your SEO strategy and drive more traffic to your website.

Develop Your Collection of Backlinks

Consulting businesses are in special positions to generate a dependable collection of backlinks. Backlinks are crucial SEO components and are among the fundamental tools that search engines utilize to figure out where your website ranks. Some internet users opine that if many people link to you, then you are trustworthy.


How does this strategy work? The magnitude of service that your consulting firm offers almost always develops close relationships with vendors and clients in similar industries. To integrate these relationships into SEO, you can request your vendors and clients to promote content from your website.

Five Buttons Will Help You Develop an Effective SEO Strategy.

Our SEO experts will help you come up with an effective targeted SEO strategy for your consulting firm. They will also recommend the best SEO practices to help your firm thrive and get value for your website.

SEO for Consulting Companies