Appointment setting is an essential element for sales organizations that depend on leads. Till today, the sales cycle involves suspects becoming prospects and prospects then becoming leads. A vital step in the process of converting those leads into authentic customers is the sales appointment. The sale takes place only after the sales appointment is set with an accurate decision maker.

Thus, sales appointments are treated to be one of the most difficult parts of business development and frequently a major obstacle to a company’s increasing sales and growth. To help you understand the importance of appointment setting and how to execute it, we present to you a few essential tips that will help you set appointments to sell your product/service:

Tips to Set Up Sales Appointments

  • Do complete research

When you get more information about the person you are calling, you are more likely to close them on an appointment. If you just have to go on with the name and phone number. In this situation, Google and social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook can be extremely resourceful for you. It is also recommended that you check with your network contacts just to see if you know someone who knows the prospect.

  • Know how to convince a prospect

As part of an attempt in getting a sales appointment, you will have to convince your prospects that your company will provide them something that is valuable to them. In your call, do not focus on yourself and on what your company seeks to accomplish. Prior to making the call, go through your marketing material and if you cannot find a benefit to your listener then just don’t make that call.

  • Do not sound like a salesperson

Remember that you are not the only one calling your prospects. Several salespeople could be making calls to your prospects and will waste the prospect’s time. So, when you call the prospect they may reject your call and even hang up on it as nobody will want to waste their time on a salesperson with standard business phrases. Hence, decrease the amount of guardedness that you develop by lessening how much you sound like a salesperson trying to sell a product.

  • Use your database and business card collection

As a business person, you would have earlier called a few prospects to sell your product and these prospects may not have been interested in it and hence failed to buy it. In such situations, do not assume that they made a purchase elsewhere, instead, follow up with them. Go to your database and business card collection and call them again just to check if they are still in the market for what you sell.  Subsequently, contact those customers who have not purchased from you in a while and ask if they are now ready to reorder.

  • Get confirmation

After a prospect agrees to a follow-up meeting, go ahead and ask them when will they be free to learn more? Get the confirmation after settling the meeting details. Schedule the dates over the phone if possible or send them a link to your calendar. Always remember to have a definite meeting time set no matter how busy you are. You need to showcase your professionalism and never be slow to schedule. The more you delay the scheduling of the appointment, the more the chances for it not even happening increases. Even after the confirmation, follow-up even the day before the meeting by reminding them why you are meeting and also check if they have any questions.

While appointment setting is considered to be an important job that delivers several benefits, we find that some business owners would like to set appointments by themselves, but they just do not have the time to perform this task that takes up too much of their time.

To simplify this task of getting sales appointments, business owners can now rely on Demand Monster – a company that specializes in appointment settings. The appointment setting process followed by Demand Monster will increase the level of trust amongst all business owners who approach this company for their services.

Demand Monster’s agents will schedule an appointment for you with a competent decision maker who has been briefly educated and is interested in your service or product. Generally, purchasing leads will need a lot of work to get you from a lead opportunity to a closed

opportunity and Demand Monster will help shorten that process for you. The B2B appointment setting service from Demand Monster will benefit all those business owners wanting to increase the number of qualified appointments, save time or cut costs.

How Demand Monster Helps to Get Sales Appointments? 

  • Cold calling

Demand Monster believes that strategic and well-planned call approaches are essential to the success of a client’s appointment setting campaign. The company will work with its clients to develop a powerful and concise call approach based on your success stories, value proposition, and the qualification criteria for appointment setting.

  • Intelligent data

Demand Monster will help you in selecting the best industries and lists to target key prospects for your products or services. It will work hard to ensure that you get the most targeted and up-to-date list possible.

  • Webinars

Demand Monster’s webinar program will help in engaging potential customers, building a captive audience, and generating leads. You just have to provide the topic and speakers and Demand Monster will run the webinar and guarantee that your ideal prospects are in attendance.

  • Cold emailing

Qualified appointments are brought right to your door along with a custom-built outbound email strategy targeting your ideal companies, job titles, and industries.

  • Social sales approach

A multi-touch prospecting approach will be used by Demand Monster. In this approach, the company will follow-up with prospects after its calls through LinkedIn. This type of a social sales approach will help in engaging a prospect, generating interest in your product, and setting qualified appointments.

  • Training program

Through Demand Monster’s training program, sales agent’s will be made to understand your products/services and its value proposition. Their level of understanding will be accessed by Demand Monster.

 With Demand Monster, you can set appointments for your sales and also…

  • Choose the decision makers you want sales to speak with
  • Choose the company size and budget of your prospects that you want to deal with
  • Choose the industry sales would like to target


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