If you specialize in the online training and education industry, you understand the importance of SEO in reaching potential students and applicants. With numerous options available, you want to appear on the first page in search engine results to reach your target customers. 

Using Content for SEO in Education and Training Industry

Generating SEO-friendly content involves establishing the appropriate keywords and distributing them in strategic areas. Using this strategy informs search engines that every part of your content offers crucial answers to different queries. 

Keyword Research

There are many keywords in the education and training industry. As a result, finding the right phrases that your target customers use can be a big challenge. It is worth noting that keywords are critical for your SEO strategy. The amount of time you spend and the actions you take in this step can generate a considerable return on investment. 

Remember, a keyword research procedure begins with brainstorming sessions. Create a list of keywords you believe your potential customers are searching for and validate that the keywords you identified have actual search volume. While you can use a keyword research tool to make the work easier, working with SEO experts guarantees your success. 

We understand the challenges that come with the keyword research phase. This is why our SEO professionals work closely with customers to help them achieve their goals in the education and training industry. We will study your business and evaluate the effectiveness of a wide range of keywords before we can recommend them. Our extensive keyword research process also includes extracting the keywords your competition targets.

Comparing Keywords

There are various considerations to make before using specific keywords. For example, you should consider keywords of varying lengths. We advise our customers in the education and training industry to select keywords depending on where you will place them in your content. 

Our SEO experts opine that keywords of either one or two high volume search words are ideal for headings. On the other hand, three or two-word medium search volume phrases work best as body keywords. You should also find various long-tail phrases of more than four low search volume words. 

Apart from being less competitive, the latter often generate massive web traffic. Five Buttons will help you find the best keywords for your entire content. We shall also walk the journey with you helping you manage any problems that may arise along the way.

Keywords to Consider for the Education and Training Industry

You want to stay away from popular keywords that are too broad such as “training” or “education”. Remember, people search for broad industry terms are highly likely not your target personas. A proper keyword research will give you visibility on short and long phrase keywords that your target audience would use to find what you offer.

Incorporating Keywords Within Your Content

After completing the research part the next process involves building your content. Generating SEO content might be very tricky as search engines are now smart enough to understand “search intention” instead looking for raw keyword densities on your content. Creating an SEO content that can impress both readers and search engines simultaneously is super-tricky and that’s where Five Buttons’ content crew steps in. 

Remember, keyword stuffing can affect your ranking. You want to incorporate your keywords as smoothly as possible to improve the value of your content. Do not compromise the trustworthiness of your education and training services platform to achieve high search rankings. 

Advantages of SEO for Your Education and Training Platform

Your education and training institution can benefit from SEO in various ways as seen below.


  • More Web Traffic


An excellent SEO strategy increases the visibility of your education and training platform in search engines which in turn generates more traffic. What this means is that potential applicants and students will sample your content and gather information about your institution. Five Buttons will work with your team to devise the best SEO strategy to help you attract more students.


  • Cost-effectiveness


SEO is also referred to as inbound marketing because it drives your platform as they actively seek to understand your education and training platform. Incorporating SEO in your inbound marketing strategy means that you will be targeting them and solving their problems directly. 

Five Buttons helps you establish a combination of targeted content and thoroughly researched keywords. Our team is committed to making your SEO strategy cost-effective and valuable. 

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