B2B Appointments and Lead Generation For Maximum Growth For Agricultural Businesses

Agricultural products make up 5 percent of US’ gross domestic product but the country exports around $135 billion of the goods annually. The sector supplies around a trillion dollars to the economy and provides 11 percent of the employment in the nation. 2.05 million farms enjoy stable gross cash farm income at $428 billion. The industry’s bumper crops and staples are soybeans and corn which reached $195 billion in 2017 and cattle which amounted to $176 billion in the same year.

Since food is an essential commodity, agricultural businesses remain rock solid in terms of growth. The industry, however, faces its own sets of challenges in terms of changing consumer attitudes toward the food they eat. Technology has been impacting how agriculture is done and the adoption of tech can spell profitability or loss for businesses.

If you own a farm or a business producing an agricultural product, you can count on Five Buttons’s appointment setting and lead generation services to bolster your existing opportunities. Do you want to a distributor for your crops? Would you like to find big sellers for your agricultural tools? Five Buttons can boost your farm or company’s presence through telemarketing, digital marketing, LinkedIN marketing so your products always find store spaces.

Five Buttons works to boost the growth of the following agricultural companies:

  • Farms
  • Agricultural Supplies
  • Specialty Food Manufacturers
  • Organic Farmers
  • Animal Farms
  • Any business involved in the sale and manufacture of agricultural products

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