“After learning about Five Buttons’s reputation for appointment deliveries, our company approached them to help us go after the types of clients that make our company a success. Our goal was to focus on our core business without worrying how our marketing team would deliver our sales team the qualified appointments we were looking for. To our surprise, we simply had to let Five Buttons know about who we wanted to target by specifying the types of decision makers, their location and other details that align with our sales team and business needs. There was no worry about how we were going to target our IDC, perform lead management and the numerous tasks involved with getting an appointment set by our marketing and sales teams. We saved time and money and we were able to generate business. Hiring Five Buttons has been the best possible use of our marketing dollars. Thank You!”

“Think of Five Buttons like a premium dating website for businesses. They will get to know you and schedule appointments with decision makers based on your specifications, your terms and your availability!

Unlike traditional dating websites, Five Buttons breaks the ice for you! No retainer fee! Pay per appointment only! Guaranteed!”


James Burton, Marketing Director

“Before Five Buttons was in the picture, our website protection software (cWatch) was getting leads from our AdWords campaign at an average of $90 per lead. We knew a professional marketing firm could do better, but we literally had no idea just HOW much better. Our friends at Five Buttons started getting us leads at about $25 per lead. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.”