Manufacturing and Distribution


The manufacturing sector contributes a total of $13 trillion to the global economy. In the United States, manufacturing earns around $2.33 trillion, driving roughly 11.6 percent of the country’s economy. This industry remains a cornerstone of the American economy as every dollar spent there adds around $1.89 to other associated industries like retail, business services, and transportation.

Manufacturing has been experiencing steady growth as of late with a 3.9 percent growth forecast for 2019. Despite this rosy outlook, manufacturing and distribution companies foresee storms ahead because of skills gap in the labor force, the emerging trade war with China, and the increasing role of technology in manufacturing processes. Companies will need to start taking every advantage in order to outpace their competitors and come out on top.

Five Buttons’s lead and appointment generation services can give manufacturing and distribution companies a unique competitive advantage in today’s market. Our company can help these businesses find and connect with suppliers for a more efficient value chain. Manufacturing and distribution companies can also engage Five Buttons to help sell their products to other businesses or to find investors for higher revenues or greater capitalization.

Five Buttons’s marketing and research services can benefit the following kinds of companies:

  • Business Services
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Household Goods
  • Toys
  • And other businesses in the manufacturing and distribution sector

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